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Natraj is a depiction of Shiva, the silent, eternal all pervading aspect of transcendental reality. Natraj stands on Apasmāra, a dwarf who represents ignorance. In order to preserve knowledge in the world, Apasmāra cannot be killed; to do so would throw out the balance of knowledge and ignorance. To kill Apasmāra would mean attaining knowledge without effort, dedication and hard work. Consequently this would lead to the devaluing of knowledge in all forms.


Shiva’s dance has great significance​. ​First, it is seen as the image of his rhythmic play which is the source of all movement within the universe – ​This is represented by the circular frame surrounding the ​figure. Secondly, the purpose of this dance is to release the human​ soul from the​ ​veil of illusion. Lastly, the place of the dance portrayed as the center of the universe, is actually within the heart.

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16th December 2014